Canada Post Work Stoppage Information

Note: This page will be updated with new information as it becomes relevant.
Last updated: August 25, 2016 04:00:00 PM PST

UPDATE: Canada Post Workers and Management have agreed to a 30 day extension to negotiation, with a binding arbitration at the end if no solution is found. 30 days have now passed since the extension with no progress being reported on either side. However, management is not currently threatening to lockout, nor has the union announced a 72 hour strike window, so current operations are continuing as normal. We will monitor the situation and update this information as soon as a strike notice or management lockout is announced. An independent arbitrator has ruled in favour of Canada Post’s position on pensions in negotiations with CPAA, the union who represents some 5,000 rural Postal workers.As yet, no progress has been made with the main union CUPW who represents the majority of Canada Post’s other employees. The initial strike vote initiated by CUPW will expire by August 25, at which point they will have to announce another vote to initiate strike action/continue negotiations. The main postal workers union, CUPW, has announced a 72-hour strike notice after Canada Post refused a negotiation with a government-appointed Special Mediator. This is not yet a clear sign that employees are on strike, but rather a signal that they can go on strike in the next 72 hours if an agreement is not met.

Original Post:

With the recent threat of a Canada Post work stoppage occurring we have been contacted by many of our customers seeking reassurance that our shipping service levels will not be affected. We are happy to confirm that we already have backup delivery providers arranged in the case of a Canada Post union strike or management lockout. This is especially true for the high value/high weight orders (e.g. coffee and espresso machines), which were never shipped Canada Post in the first place. These changes should be invisible to end customers, and should reflect our normal high levels of speedy and safe delivery.

If you have any specific concerns you can Contact Us and as always and we will be happy to answer your questions.