Carimali Diva Semi Automatic

$11,500.00 $9,950.00

Diva : the new semi-automatic espresso machine, the perfect combination of state-of-the-art technology and design. Tactile interface for full customization to optimize extraction quality.

Diva as a hybrid machine combines the best of two worlds. By means of its single boiler technique it has a lot of power combined with the individuality of a multi boiler system. A separate dispensing temperature can be set for each brewing group. Moreover, each product selection button can have a different temperature. This unique espresso machine is equipped with a digital temperature control in order to manage the dispensing temperature drink by drink – for example espresso 94 °C, coffee 88 °C. This also avoids temperature fluctuations during one brewing operation

 Color Black, stainless steel & chrome

Multiple LED lights

Display 2,8’’ touch screen

Double pressure gauge

Illuminated dispensing area

Technologies Perfect Point patented technologies

Electronic adjustable pre-infusion

Digital control of brewing temperature

Automatic cleaning cycles

Groups 2 groups, 

Heated by thermosiphon

Steam arm 2

Lever controls

Hot water 1 tap

2 temperatures settings

Volumetric option Yes, automatic dosing

5 adjustable buttons per group

Boiler 11,5 L 

with heat exchangers

Power consumption 4300 W
Power supply 220 V / 50-60 Hz
Cup clearance 140 mm / 6’’

Foldable stand for espresso cups

Dimensions W x D x H 800 x 574 x 515 mm

31,5’’ x 22,5’’ x 20,25’’

Weight 70 Kg / 154 lb
Weight 154 lbs

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