Quick Mill Vertrano 2B DE & Fiorenzato F4 Bundle


The total value of $4,758 for $4,499!

You can’t go wrong with this bundle! The Virtrano 2B DE represents a beautifully designed Italian machine that makes the top of the line coffee. Pair this machine with the Fiorenzato F4 grinder and you can’t go wrong. This pairing will be sure to add quality and elegance to your kitchen. This bundle includes the Quick Mill Vertrano 2B DE espresso machine, Fiorenzato F4 grinder, 2lb of our freshly roasted Espresso IV, and a 20 oz Joe Frex Milk Pitcher.

More about the Quick Mill:

The Quick Mill Vetrano 2B DE apart of the E 61 Group is well suited for the home espresso machine user who is a traditionalist who loves the features of a modern home machine. Following the latest trends in espresso machines, the Vetrano 2B DE now has large stainless steel boilers adding even more longevity to your investment. You’d be hard-pressed to find a machine that you’ll want to upgrade to with the Vetrano 2B. With its flexibility in features between the ability to use the in-machine water tank or directly plumb and drain, your Quick Mill Vetrano 2B DE never holds you back from the best drinks.

Major Features

– New Restyling
– Electronic Keyboard
– Stand-By Mode
– Coffee boiler 0,75 lts.
– Steam boiler 1,400 lts.
– Coffee heater 800 Watts 115Vac
– Steam heater 1100 Watts 115Vacc
– Coffee safety thermostat
– Steam safety thermostat
– Steam probe MAX level
– Electronic floater sensor for the water tank
– Static relays for heating of coffee and steam
– New Double scale gauge
– Rotary pump with external right side adjustment
– PID temperature control with independent adjustment for coffee and steam.
– Anti-burn steam wand
– Anti-burn hot water wand
– Switch to turn off brew boiler
– Hatch for filling the water tank
– Foreseen for the water drain in the drip tray
– Ergonomic knobs exclusive Quick Mill
– Foreseen to be connected to the direct water connection
– 3 lts. Water tank With Alarm Sound and the possibility to do the last shot because the sensor take the Boiler level and not the Tank level.
– Switch for the use with water tank or direct water connection
– Adjustable feet In Stainless steel
– Certified Safety valve


More about the Fiorenzato F4:

Get a professional grinder for less than a professional price with the newly introduced Fiorenzato F4 Nano Electronic Espresso Burr Grinder. This grinder combines a heavy-duty, professional 1400 RPM motor with rugged 58mm flat steel burrs. All that power becomes easy to use when combined with an intuitive touchscreen interface that allows you to monitor how long a grind is going and even set and save your own grind timings. Combine this with a smooth, step-less grind adjustment and quiet operation and you have a premier countertop espresso grinding solution.

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