Elektra Mini Verticale A1 Brass and Copper Espresso Machine


A modern take on the towering Belle Epoque, but will fit on your counter space!

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The Elektra Mini Verticale A1 is a modernized and miniaturized take on the classic sister machine the Belle Epoque, except smaller and much less complicated. Elektra is a venerable manufacturer of espresso equipment dating back to the late 1940s, and they have managed the unique feat of bringing their classic retro designs into the future with modern engineering and quality of life improvements. A little bit of the past, and a little bit of the present, the Mini Verticale A1 is a powerful semi-automatic espresso machine that is both artful and efficient.

This is a heat exchange, vibratory pump espresso machine. The powerful 2 litre heat exchange boiler is a big step up for both steam and coffee temperature control. These conveniences don’t come at the expense of style, as this machine retains all the style that Elektra is known for.

Features and Specifications

  • Classic Brass and Copper construction
  • 15 Bar Vibratory Water Pump
  • Integrated cup warming space above boiler
  • Professional safety thermostats and pressure switches
  • Three way solenoid valve for fast draining between shots
  • 2 litre HX Brass boiler
  • Dimensions: H69cm x W38cm x D33cm / H27.25in x W15in x D13in
  • Weight: 13kg / 28.6lb
Weight 28.6 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 15 × 27.25 in
Boiler Capacity


Boiler Material


Boiler Type

Heat Exchanger


Brass, Copper

Portafilter Support



110 Volts


1000 Watts

Country Of Origin


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