Espro Calibrated Tamper 58mm



The Perfect Tamp, Every Time

Espro began with a search for perfection and a desire to eliminate unknown variables from the brewing process, which led them to develop the ESPRO Calibrated Tamper, the very first such product and patent. The Tamper trades guesswork for precision by delivering you 30 pounds of force with a reassuring click, every time.

The Perfect Pour

Water will always seek the path of least resistance. ESPRO’s Calibrated Tamper assures that all of your espresso grounds are compressed uniformly and consistently, creating perfectly even resistance against water pressure and ensuring full saturation. Your reward is the perfect pour.

Solid, Built To Last

The Espro Tamper was designed for your hand, with a stainless steel base and an anodized aluminum handle. You can feel the balance and durability. It also fits both your machine and your tamping style.

Satisfying, Yet Subtle

By eliminating variations in tamping pressure, you can assure consistent espresso from barista to barista, hour to hour, day to day, with only the need for a simple grinder adjustment. The click is satisfying, yet subtle enough to not disrupt coffee grounds.

Industry Leading Specifications

  • Solid 1 lb tamper weight, perfectly balanced
  • Stainless steel base and anodized aluminum handle
  • 30 lb force actuation
  • Factory calibrated – does not require recalibration or adjustment
  • Assembled in Canada
Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 × 4 in

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