GROSCHE Heisenberg Syphon Coffee Maker 700ml

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The GROSCHE Heisenberg is a syphon coffee maker with a very interesting look which will definitely strike up a conversation in your kitchen. The coffee grind is placed in the top of the coffee maker, while the water is placed in the glass orb at the bottom. As the water boils, the pressure pushes the water into the top component of the syphon mixing with the coffee grounds. The coffee begins to brew, and through the funnel, the coffee vacuums back into the glass orb. The entire process is aroma free as their is an aroma sealer at the top and the glass is heat-resistant, scratch free, borosilicate glass. This method of brewing perfectly extracts the oils and flavours of the coffee, giving it a delicious rich taste.


  • Permanent filter
  • Alcohol burner
  • Aroma free
  • extracts the oils and flavours of the coffee

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