GROSCHE Mombasa French Press with cork base 1500ml

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The GROSCHE Mombasa is a fantastic French press for making 4-5 cups of coffee or tea with a capacity of 1500ml. A French press is also the best ways to brew your coffee as it allows the flavours and oils to get completely extracted from the course ground coffee.

The Mombasa French press has a sturdy lid and handle, as well as, a high quality, heat-resistant, borosilicate German SCHOTT glass beaker. This French press also comes with a cork base to give it that extra unique look. The glass beaker allows you to completely see the brewing or steeping process, giving a great visual experience.


  • 12 cup/1500ml/51 fl. oz capacity (4-5 cups of coffee)
  • Makes approximately 4-5 cups of coffee or tea
  • Always use coarse ground coffee in a French press, (1 to 3 tablespoons per mug 300ml)
  • You can also use this French press to make loose leaf tea, or blooming tea