Jura Claris Water Filter (White)


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For Jura Impressa Super Automatic Espresso machines use the Claris Water filter. It removes chlorine, lead, aluminum and copper from your tap water resulting in better tasting coffee and a longer life for your espresso machine. The Claris filter is a special organic additive that removes almost all carbon and eliminates decalcifying as well.

The Impressa Espresso Machine will let you know whenever you need to replace your filter by a simple message on the Led display: “Filter Change”. Follow the directions in the user manual to install the new filter, rinse and its all done automatically for you. It is important to replace the filter as soon as the message appears on the display. Please do not ignore it.

Claris filter cartridge should be replaced after 50 liters or after two months at the latest. Changing the filter on time is extremely important not only for longer trouble free machine life but also for better tasting espresso & cappuccino.

The Claris White Filter is compatible with these models:

Jura Fully Automatic Coffee Center models E8, E9, F7 (older model #13185), F60, J5, S9 One Touch, S9 Avantgarde, S7 Avantgarde, Z5, Z6, and Z7.

Also fits Jura C9 models with a black lid and white dial covering the filter in the water tank.

If your machine is a refurbished model, please check the water tank’s lid dial color before purchasing. Regardless of which model you originally purchased, your water tank may have been replaced with a different version that requires the Claris Blue filter and not the White.

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