Phedra Evo Cappuccino


The robust, versatile and professional office coffee solution

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All possible recipes from a combination of coffee, powdered
or fresh milk, chocolate and instant coffee

Coffee, powdered or fresh milk, chocolate, tea





Not everybody attributes the same importance to details. For the more demanding users, Phedra Evo offers some advantages that make this small jewel even more appreciated, such as the LED lighting of the dispenser area and the backlit touch buttons. Some design solutions, such as the chrome-plated spout of the hot water dispenser, make Phedra Evo a small jewel of elegance. The cup rest grid can be adjusted in height at two levels, which makes it
possible to use cups, glasses, mugs and also jugs. Phedra Evo has a dedicated hot water dispenser and a state-of-the-art cappuccinatore, with an elongated spout for better performance. Function and aesthetics, therefore, make Phedra Evo the perfect solution for elegant venues where everything is chosen with amazing care. A coffee-break that pleasures all the senses.

1 coffee beans canister
2-3 instant canisters

Separate hot water
Pinless Wonder Cappuccinatore
Possibility to use fresh milk

8 direct selections
Up to 2 preselections

50 coffee grounds

Water supply or internal tank or independent tank

Dimensions (w x h x d)
393 x 695 x 508 mm
37,5 kg

Power supply
Regular plug 110V
Absorbed power
1550 W

Energy efficiency class

Brewing unit
7 o 9 gr
Automatic Cappuccinatore

Coffee bean container
Instant product container
2 – 3
Capacity drip tray
1,8 l
Capacity coffee grounds container

Weight 82.7 lbs
Dimensions 393 × 695 × 508 in

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