Ruhens WHP-300 Free Standing Filtered Hot-Cold Drinking Water Cooler


Fresh, multi-step filtered water delivered sparkling from a sturdy free-standing unit in hot or cold temperatures

Experience the next generation of POU (Point Of Use) coolers, that combine modern filtering technology and energy saving electronics to create a compact, powerful, and most importantly, clean package for all your water needs. This unit combines the rugged yet clean filtration of the WHP-340S with a strong free-standing casing, meant to stand up to the busiest offices or the rowdiest households.

The industry leading water filtration technology used in the WHP-300 maximizes cleanliness and minimizes maintenance. This innovative 4 step filter process consists of:

  1. Sediment and physical particle filter. Replace every 3-6 months
  2. Pre-Carbon Filter, designed to remove chemicals, synthetics, chlorine, and other water-borne agents. Replace every 6 months
  3. Ultrafine Membrane Filter removes microscopic particles down to 0.01 microns in size. Replace every 9-12 months
  4. Post-Carbon Filter is a second pass at chemical agents and synthetics. Replace every 12 months

Major Features

  • Guide lights: Backlight your cup under each dispensing tap to let you know if you’re receiving hot or cold
  • Hot Water Safety: Hot water locking button prevents children or others from hurting themselves with hot water
  • High Resolution Light up Display: Visible in dark or light, you’ll always be able to see what’s going on
  • NEW Hygience Guard Tap Cover: Silver impregnated plastic tap cover stops bacterial growth and cross contamination from casual contact

Specifications and Dimensions

  • Cold Water Storage: 1.72 litre
  • Hot Water Storage: 1.76 litre
  • General Water Storage: 1.14 litre
  • Width 12.5 inch Length 17.75 inch Height 43.25 inch
  • Weight 57 lbs
  • Safety Features: Overflow prevention, overheating prevention
  • IPX1 Rated
Weight 57 lbs
Dimensions 12.5 × 17.75 × 43.25 in
Boiler Capacity

1.72 litre




with icons


120 Volts


500 Watts

Cup Illumination


Water Input

Plumbed In

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