Saeco Parts – 12000361 – Oetiker clamps 4×9 mm


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12000361 – Oetiker clamps sold as 4-pcs. of Diameter=9. Used in many Saeco, Gaggia, Spidem and Jura Home espresso machines made after 2006. For pinch free fastening clamps for Silicone (soft) tubes.

To remove the clamp, locate the small hooks on the end of the clamp overlap end. Using a thin screw driver of if space allows, using a cutter plier, lift the overlapped end of the clamp coil to unhook. Then easily lift that end up to uncoil the clamp and remove.

To install, slide the clamp on the fastening end of the tube fisrt. Slide the tube on the connection and crimp the clamp. Use parallel jaw Pincer if in your tool crimp. If Pincer is not handy use cutter pliers alternating from opposite sides for a balanced even crimp.

Insufficient crimp will cause leakage. Overly tight crimp will soon cut through the tube and cause leakage or too tight.

Clogged passsage of water causes the Silicone hoses to balloon and burst. Incorrectly installed clamps can also cause leaks. If the machines are descaled regularly with authentic Descaler (Axoe select Best Descaler), evert two or three months, this damage can be controlled. Please note there are several fake or wrong labelled descalers being sold at Starbucks(Cleancaf), at WalMart (Brew Rite). Coffee shops (Pulycaff, Cafiza, Joe Glow). Some cleaning tablets sold by manufacturers are for removing chemical odor from water and do not remove Calcium deposits.    

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