Gaggia Cadorna Prestige Automatic Espresso Machine

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The Gaggia Cadorna Prestige is a remarkable bean-to-cup machine with 14 customizable beverages, the option to create 4 user profiles, and an integrated milk carafe for making top quality milk drinks.


Proudly Made in Italy: guarantee of premium quality and a neverending passion for espresso making.


Discover the 14 beverages available, all at your fingertips and try the ultimate barista experience at home: ristretto, espresso, espresso lungo, coffee, americano, cappuccino, cappuccino XL, café au lait, café cortado, latte macchiato, latte macchiato XL, flat white, frothed milk, hot water.


High technology made simpler thanks to a wide screen to have all settings at a glance. Tailored around your needs, easy, intuitive and fully detailed, it guides you through personalization, brewing and cleaning functions.


80 years of experience and tradition enclosed in the built-in espresso tray, thought to ensure perfect espressos anytime, with an impeccable crema layer and no splashes while brewing. Pull it out to prepare flawless espressos and push it in when you prefer to brew drinks in tall glasses.


4 different user profiles to memorize all beverages, personalised as you prefer. At every next use, you’ll find them just as you programmed.


The integrated milk carafe froths the milk twice and removes all bubbles to get a perfect froth, always at the right temperature, in just one touch. Moreover, the automatic cleaning cycle and the possibility to store the carafe in the fridge make it hygienic and efficient.


The resistant 100% ceramic grinders extract the purest essence from coffee beans, preventing overheating and burning. This material guarantees long-lasting performances, silence and the best in-cup result. Select among 10 options to customise your espresso, from the finest grind for a strong taste, to the coarsest for a lighter coffee.


This feature gives you the unique possibility to adjust the aroma intensity and create tailored coffee-based drinks by choosing the quantity of ground coffee per cup among 5 selections.


The coffee beans container of Cadorna Prestige preserves the coffee aroma in an even better way thanks to its hermetic lid.


Unique body and taste for every espresso thanks to the pre-brewing that implies few seconds of pause between the first shower of hot water and the actual brewing.


The heart of the machine, it doses and tamps the right amount of ground coffee for all your espressos. It allows a thorough cleaning of the machine as it is removable and can be washed under the tap and reinserted easily at its place.


In addition to the coffee beans option, an easy solution to brew different ground coffee blends, included decaffeinated.


The Quick Heat boiler ensures hot beverages from the first cup without the waiting. Its secret lies in its body made in light aluminum and stainless steel, which can reach hot temperatures fast.

Customer Reviews

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Kendra H
Love this machine

First off, I am certainly not a coffee snob and not sure I could tell the difference between the foam for a cappuccino versus the foam for a flat white. My espresso based drink preferences are based entirely on taste but that said, I am loving this machine. I've been using my Cadorna Prestige for aImost 3 months now and have gone through all the recommended cleaning procedures multiple times. The colour display makes selecting & modifying beverages very simple, and the daily, weekly, & monthly rinsing and cleaning of parts only takes a few minutes. While I have not tasted every drink option, the 11 I have tried I am very happy with. I love the convenience this machine provides with no learning curve required to get delicious cappucinos, lattes, americano's, and flat white's very quickly after turning on. Making double shots of strong espresso is also super convenient when poured over ice and milk for a delicious iced coffee in the summer heat. I also like that I can save the same drink under different profiles for different purposes. For example, a double espresso at maximum strength & hottest setting for iced coffee;  and a double espresso at medium strength, medium heat, & lower water volume for adding to chocolate cakes, desserts, and sauces. Friends & family come to visit more often since I purchased the Cadorna Prestige too, all asking for double cappucino's and iced coffee!

The initial grinder tweaking is a bit cumbersome when adding a new brand of beans, but just be prepared to dump the first few brews until you get it set to the grind size you want. This process is the same for any grinder & brewer setup you choose. My machine's water tank is also difficult to remove because the seal on the tank's spout  fits very tight. It has improved slightly with use, but it's still a little difficult to remove the tank when it's empty. All other removable parts are easy to disassemble  for cleaning including the Prestige milk carafe. It has about 10 pieces to take apart for cleaning but the manual provides thorough instructions for this. The manual is well written and easy to follow for all initial setup, operation, & cleaning steps. It also includes a recommended cleaning schedule. Reviews on other sites have mentioned the drip tray not being large enough, but I think it holds plenty of volume. I only dump mine a few times per  week.  Likewise others have said the water tank is too small & uses too much water in rinse cycles, but the machine only rinses when powering up & powering down. If you're turning it on & off many times per day then yes, you'll need to refill the water tank & empty the drip tray more often too.

I absolutely recommend the Gaggia Cadorna Prestige, even for smaller households.  If you're not interested in learning how to brew with a portafilter & froth milk for latte art, this machine does not disappoint. EspressoDolce was excellent to deal with, fast shipping after ordering online, and excellent customer service by email (I never had to phone in). I ordered all my cleaning supplies and extra beans from them as well.

Garry Keer
Gaggia Cadorna Prestige

Excellent. With a busy household, the Favorites button is just that, "A Favorite."

Espresso is to perfection.

Simple to use. Easy to keep clean with minimal maintenance.

Worth the $$$. Gets a "BUY" recommendation from me.

Terry Cioni
Excellent Service & Support After Sales.

I have watched enough YouTube videos related to so called semi-automatic machines and marvel at the hobby aspect espresso making has become. It is fun to watch all the fussing around with weighing the coffee beans (input output ratios) from expensive grinders and $300 Acaia scales, distribution tools, expensive tampers, then stirring the ground coffee from the $1000 grinder to avoid clumping, and the list goes on and on. All this to slop down a 40ML espresso every morning! Hours of YouTube videos' on brew ratio's as determined by some coffee nerd who thinks Italian espresso is the past...and has the so called third wave figured out. Yeah sure!
I drank and made a lot of espresso with a so called semi-automatic machines - not big on milk drinks - for the most part my Cardona Prestige is a very close in taste to several of my local coffee shops and some of my own experience. I use a Espresso Dolce freshly roasted bean and surprisingly the taste profile listed on the bag closely matches the taste profile taste in the cup. Use freshly roasted (not oily) beans is still a thing with Super Autos.
My Cadorna delivers a right temperature (not just warm) tasty full body espresso which looks great and tastes great. No fussing about or waiting 20 minutes for the machine to really warm up. As for maintenance, I came from a life of living with a grinder/portafilters/tampers and all the things that go with that. I didn't want making 40ML of espresso every morning to become another expensive hobby requiring a work bench full of tools, with 30 minutes to get a 40ML espresso drink and then another 30 minutes of clean-up time.
By the way keeping the Cardona clean is easy, a once week rinse off of the removable brew group, a wipe out of the machine.. Daily empty the puck drawer and add water....or not depending on use.
The best kept secret at Espresso Dolce is their amazing freshly roasted coffee beans..give them a try.

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