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It was the years-long quest to create the perfect espresso, against the backdrop of 1930s Milan, that gave birth to one of the most iconic Italian brands in the world. In 1938, the Italian barista Achille Gaggia filed the patent that signaled a revolution in the way the aromas are extracted from coffee, allowing us to taste the perfect Italian espresso, complete with its ‘crema’, for the very first time: a unique pleasure.

Today, as it was then, Gaggia’s mission is to take the tradition of the Italian espresso to the world. The company’s unchanging values of tradition and professionalism are an intrinsic part of all the machines in its range, which addresses the requirements of coffee professionals by combining state-of-the-art technology with sophisticated design.

G150 is the new fully automatic coffee machine by Gaggia Milano. It is easy to use, both by staff and in self-service mode. Just a touch, and anybody can get a high quality drink.


Layout: 2 beans + 1 powder (chocolate or French vanilla)

Automatic milk frother

Customizable 7” full-HD colour touch screen

Automatic cleaning process for the milk system

Independent hot water outlet

Insulated steam wand with Cool touch technology

Technology and Design

Milk foam parameters electronically controlled

7” full HD touch screen

Energy saving: soft and deep mode

MDB-capable (hardware and software)

Wi-Fi and 4G connectivity

Multiple Adjustable Settings

Coffee spout height

Coffee gram throw and recipes

Customizable user interface (drinks icons, customer logo and background color)

Customizable milk temperature

Quantity of the milk foam

Easy to UseTrue Espresso System

Insulated steam wand (Cool touch technology)

Independent hot water outlet

Hot water bypass for Americano

Automatic cappuccinatore

Gear pump for the milk, guaranteeing a consistency of dosage

Technical Specifications

Dimensions (W x H x D) 14.5 x 31 x 23.1 in

Weight 144 lb

Voltage & frequency 208 V / 20 A / 60 Hz

Plug NEMA L21-20P

Maximum absorbed power 3350 W

Water Specifications

Coffee boiler capacity 0.8 L

Steam boiler capacity 0.8 L

Standard water supply plumbed or bottled

Water connection 3/4” (1-8 bar)

Capacity & Other Specifications

Coffee beans container capacity 2 - 2.6 lb each

Chocolate powder container capacity 3.3 lb

Brewing group 9-16 g

Espresso brewing pressure 9 bar

Drink selections per page (interface) 10 maximum

Drink categories (interface) 4 maximum

Waste bin drawer capacity 50 coffee pucks


Maximum suggested daily output 150 cups

Maximum hourly output (16 oz cappuccinos) 54 cups

Time to steam 32 oz of milk 90 seconds

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