Jura ENA A1 Super Automatic Espresso Maker

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The ultra-compact 1-cup coffee machine is designed not only to make the perfect espresso, but also to be as small as possible.

The All new Jura A1 is the latest addition to the P.E.P family. This slim line one touch machine utilizes Jura's patented Pulse Extraction Process to produce the perfect espresso, every time.

Note: Looking for the Jura ENA Micro 1? That model is now discontinued and the new Jura ENA A1 is the closest replacement.

Sharp, clear, reduced forms, elegance, compact design and the clear focus on a unique coffee result are the aspects that set the new A1 from JURA apart. The slimline one-cup machine offers everything that the heart of the coffee purist could desire. It prepares coffee of a quality that otherwise only the best professional baristas would be able to achieve, and thanks to the highly innovative Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.®) also produces ristretto and espresso to the same standard.


  • New to this model P.E.P- Pulse Extraction Process: The A1 comes standard with Jura's Patented P.E.P system, producing perfect espressos every time.
  • One Touch Operation: Simply select the size of your coffee, and within 30 seconds you can enjoy an Espresso, a ristretto or Coffee.
  • Programmable: Easily program 3 cup sizes.
  • Small Foot print: At a mere 23.9 x 32.3 x 44.5 cm (W x H x D) the A1 is perfect for any counter size.
  • Variable Strength: Choose between Normal and Strong strength settings.
  • Adjustable spout: Perfect for small espresso cups or large mugs, just move the head up and down!
  • Sustainability: All Jura machines use fresh ground beans for every cup creating only compost, no capsules = no waste!
  • New to this model Built in AromaG3 Grinder: Faster, quieter, consistent and adjustable.
  • Grinder By-pass: By pass your AromaG3 Grinder with pre-ground coffee for decaf or other blends!
  • Self Cleaning: No need to remove the brewing unit or fuss with internal mechanisms as all Jura machines are fully self cleaning.
  • Filter or Descale: Jura machines enable users to choose between using claris filters- fresh water in = fresh coffee out, or traditional descaling methods.
  • Sleek Modern Design: Sure to make a statement in any environment.

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Customer Reviews

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Andrew Cheung
Simple, non-complicated automatic machine

After setting up the machine, all you do is push one of three buttons, regular coffee, espresso, ristretto. You can adjust water level to a certain extend if you want.

Shelly Davidson
Jura ENA A2

Love my new automatic expresso machine!

Rachel Christenson
Love it!

Best super automatic we have ever had

Andrew Cheung
Simple automatic machine.

If simplicity is what you want, this machine is for you. 3 settings and 3 types of coffee. The only adjustment you can/need to make is type of coffee: Ristretto, Expresso and Coffee, though you can choose quantity of coffee (2). Setting of automatic amount of water is also available. We've been using it for 2 weeks, great so far.

Paul Oorebeek

Jura ENA A1 Super Automatic Espresso Maker