La Marzocco Linea Classic 2 Group Semi-Auto or Volumetric Commercial Espresso Machine

Serving Type: Semi-Automatic (EE)
Sale price$13,447.00


The clean lines and simple charm of the Linea occupy many of the cafes, roasteries, and chains whose names have defined the industry.

The Linea is the classic La Marzocco machine that has supported the development of the specialty coffee industry since 1988. This machine is a heavy duty workhorse that performs reliably in high-volume settings, and is commercial quality in every sense. A tried and true machine, the Linea is perfect for your new cafe, bar, or restaurant, and will show anyone who sees it that your location is serious about espresso.

This machine is available in three different configurations each tailored to different requirements for cafes, roasters, restaurants, caterers, and any other professional application:
Semi-Automatic (EE)
The classic barista setup, the semi-automatic EE configuration lets the barista control the time of the extraction exactly with a simple switch. The EE is perfect for the barista or barista-owner who wants to experiment with extractions and different flavours and roasts of coffee.
Auto-Volumetric (AV)
Designed for consistency and high-volume operation, the auto-volumetric (AV) configuration lets you define and control exactly how long your staff extract a drink. Each group has a configurable 1 shot, 2 shot, and manual timed shot control.
Mechanical Paddle (MP)
The mechanical paddle (MP) configuration allows your barista to control the water and pressure manually, which reproduces the level of control and extraction found in classic Manual Lever machines. Capable of great subtlety in the right hands, the mechanical paddle is an excellent tool for getting that last 1% of a 100% perfect shot.

Features and Specifications

  • Large, aggressive heating double boiler for coffee (3.4L) and steam (7L)
  • Professional, no burn steam wands
  • PID Temperature control
  • 240V / 60Hz / 4600W / 30A
  • Certifications: UL-197, NSF-8, CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 109

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