Maromas Orphea Full Flavour Blend Espresso Beans

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ORPHEA seduces people to start drinking their espresso without sugar. The only thing you will really miss is the long lasting phase that the sugar normally takes to sink into the extraordinarily rich crema

In a unique blend with fine Arabica, and the incredible qualities of a very special double washed Robusta from only one plantation, resulting in an espresso of extraordinary richness and authenticity with persisting aromas and a refined chocolate aftertaste without any bitter tones. This intensity makes ORPHEA a favourite for Café Crème drinkers who like their coffee a bit stronger or for cappuccino that does not have an too much of a milky finish.

  • Aroma: Rich and strong (9/10)
  • Acidity: Low (1/10)
  • Body: Strong and intense (8/10)
  • Crema: Rich and lasting (10/10)
  • Taste Retention: Sweet remnants (9/10)

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Robert Perreault


Paul Lucas

Maromas Orphea Full Flavour Blend Espresso Beans

Laszlo Kristo
Best expresso coffee beans

This is the best coffee with super cream ever I try so many coffee beans like 30 kinds now one can beat this premium blend expresso .
Already I ‘m drinking more than 3 years and I ‘m not gonna change for other coffee beans ever.

Joshua Venere

I had high expectations for this coffee after all of the amazing reviews online; after a couple of weeks experimenting with different brew recipes (espresso machine) I'm thoroughly disappointed. The coffee lacks any kind of character, exceeded by any other (less expensive) Italian roast you might find in your local grocery store that has been sitting on the shelf for way longer than it should. Will not be buying again.

Brian Godlonton

was ok

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