Seattle's Best Coffee Post Alley Blend Dark Roast WHOLE BEAN 340gr (6 Pack)

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Better than bold, smoother than silk.

(formerly Signature Blend Level 5)
Tastes: Bold, rich, and robust.
Makes you feel: Deep, daring, and full of life.
How do you say bold roast in French? We don’t know, but with a blend this bold and smooth, we don’t care. With robust, rich flavor roasted to our signature level of smoothness, Signature Series No. 5 is too good not to savor.

Customer Reviews

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Jeff Krintila
Delicious! Intense!

Very intense flavour -- don't need many beans to make a full pot.

Rick Pape

Seattle's Best Coffee Post Alley Blend Dark Roast WHOLE BEAN 340gr (6 Pack)

Michael Duhaime
Great coffee but way overpriced now

This coffee was under $60 a few weeks ago and now $76.45. Yes, prices have increased on everything but this is a 31% increase. Great coffee but not at that price. Kicking Horse Kick Ass is almost as good and more reasonably priced. Save On Foods were selling 1 kg bag for $26. That's about $53 for the same amount of coffee as the $76 6-pack. That's what I'll be drinking now.

Christine Irrgang
Love this coffee!

I used to buy tons of this coffee in the US and have searched all over Canada for Seattles Best coffee and have finally found it at Espresso Dolce. The dark roast is a wonderful rich coffee, with a splash of cream...makes any other coffee pale in my opinion. All of you running around for your Starbucks are missing out.. this #5 Dark Roast is just so much richer and complex. As I am still only able to get the beans, I have bought a burr grinder...worth it .. even better freshly ground :)

John Gregory
Best ever

Post Alley 5 the best. Next day delivery incredible. Keep up the good work

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