Quick Mill Spotlight

First, Some History…

Quick Mill of Italy is one of the more well kept secrets in the North American Espresso market. Founded in 1945, in Senago, Northern Italy, the company was influential in popularizing Espresso’s spread across Europe. They pioneered the use of high-end steels and brasses in consumer level machines, previously only seen in professional equipment. Quick Mill was instrumental in incorporating newly available electric pumps for espresso machines instead of manual levers in the late 1970s. These machines (Gaggia also produced early versions) were known as “lever killers” as the espresso drinking world transitioned to a more convenient way to get high quality coffee drinks.

The success of these machines led to Quick Mill growing and expanding their product line, mostly concentrating on professional, high-capacity, “always-on” equipment with extremely high build and operation tolerances, made out of the toughest and longest lasting materials. The result is a network of hundreds of stores across Europe carrying Quick Mill products, each emblazoned proudly with the Italian flag.

We’ve known about Quick Mill at EspressoDolce for years, and have consistently been impressed with the strength, quality, and just sheer style of their designs. While they are well known in Europe, Quick Mill hasn’t really caught on yet in North America, in part due to lack of focus on 110/120 Volt machines. This changed in early 2000, as Quick Mill started adapting their designs to both be more consumer friendly, and to appeal to North American audiences.

Competitive Advantages

The Quick Mill machines are designed with several convenience and ease of use features specific to each model, but these are the features we feel stand out especially, and are common to all of them:

  • Tough, high quality construction: Stainless steel abounds; on first view of a Quick Mill machine you know you are seeing something that was made to work. These units range in weight from 30 to 70 pounds, and the majority of that is high density steel, almost over-engineered to extend life, manage temperature, and work no matter what.
  • Classic, utilitarian styling: The polished steel gleams, with boxy solid shapes complemented by organic curves and functional group head and steam appurtenances. A Quick Mill at rest gives the same impression as an American muscle car; substantial shining steel, and a lurking power.
  • Consistent Italian Espresso: Shot after shot, the same smooth European style espresso stays constant throughout. We have used these machines both in our showroom, and at convention and publicity events, and made hundreds of drinks without pause or fault. Each machine is assembled and tested in Quick Mill’s Italian factory before being imported into Canada.
  • Generous Interior Layout and Part Availability: Quick Mill’s clever design and re-use of parts means that these machines are very repairable, and have a roomy interior with clearly labelled tubing, electrics, and boiler. Quick Mill’s incredible popularity in Europe also means that parts are produced in quantity, and are readily available.
  • Quality, Long Lasting Boilers: Every Quick Mill now has a specially treated boiler (T.E.A. process) which prevents metal leakage into brews, extends boiler lifespan, and is chemically inactive and NSF certified. In addition, all Brass components are created using a Low Lead process. These robust boilers, combined with Quick Mill’s scorching heating power and exacting temperature controls, make it one of the best boiler setups in the business.
  • Does More with Less Electricity: One of the surprising things about Quick Mill’s entry into North America is just how little compromise was made to create a 110/120 volt machine. Generally going from 220/240 volt to 110/120 volt involves some trade-offs, and you often end up with a machine that isn’t as “aggressive” at heating/pressure as its European counterpart, or even worse, a machine that needs to draw so many Amps that it can barely be used in a normal home. Even in the Vetrano 2B with double boilers Quick Mill avoids this common pitfall by providing a consistent, even power draw on some very powerful machines.

Models of Note

Each of the Quick Mill models have their own strengths and weaknesses, but these are some of the ones we find are “best at” their own particular niche:

Quickmill-Andreja-0980_1The Beginner

The Andreja Premium Model 0980 is a great step up into the “prosumer” space, representing a clear upgrade on most entry level machines, while still maintaining a reasonable price compared to what it actually does. Make no mistake, we say “entry level”, but this is in no way a beginner machine! With its large, hot boiler, E61 grouphead, professional quality water/steam wands, independent pressure gauges, and manual shot lever this machine represents a combination of features that hardcore baristas use, but in a home sized package. It fits on most normal countertops, with room to spare for cups on the cup warmer, and can optionally be plumbed in (kit required) for greater convenience.


Quickmill-Vetrano2b-0995_3The Expert

Sometimes though, you want that little bit more, whether it be boiler size, serving capacity, or just overall control. A tangible step up on the Andreja is the Vetrano 2B EVO Model 0995. The 2B stands for two boilers, each independently controlled by PID giving ultimate control over steam and coffee temperatures. The Vetrano 2B is everything the Andreja is but more. In addition to the extra boiler it has a professional rotary water pump, and includes an LED shot timer so you can chase those perfect temperature/pressure extraction profiles. It’s a remarkable machine, and has performed reliably and consistently for us in high volume demonstration situations without flaw.

Quickmill-Monza-05010_1Fully Automatic

Lastly is something a little unusual from Quick Mill, a relatively compact super automatic in the form of the Monza Model 05010. Quick Mill has been making super automatics for a while with the Inox and Super Cappuccino, but the Monza represents an evolution in both thought and design. This powerful machine is relatively small, and has a more bijou cafe styling when compared to the rugged, blocky semi-automatic machines. The same powerful Quick Mill boiler is hiding inside this package, and it even includes an integrated side milk tube for automatic creation of milk-based drinks using the internal frother. Super automatic machines usually mean a compromise between plasticky, fiddly bits that could break easily but were cheaper to produce. That’s not the case here, with the traditional Quick Mill 304 stainless steel construction making up the body, drip tray, and hot water dispenser.

In Summary

EspressoDolce is one of two exclusive importers of Quick Mill machines into Canada. We stand behind these machines because of their high build quality, easy repair-ability, stylish flair, and the exquisite coffee produced. We feel these machines are under-represented in the average espresso user’s mind, and wanted to bring some of the highest quality machines at the best price into the Canadian market, and with the Quick Mill we feel we have succeeded in doing so. Want to see for yourself? Check out all of our Quick Mill listings, or Come by our showroom to see them in person!

Espresso Dolce