Sponsored Events Open Road Volkswagen Sunset Party

EspressoDolce was front and center at the Volkswagen Sunset Party on August 13, 2016 at the Volkswagen location on 3775 Lougheed Highway, Burnaby. The exclusive gourmet barbecue event was a combination of celebrating summer, and as an informal grand opening party for the location, which opened in May 2016. Open Road Volkswagen was celebrating opening the largest and up to date Volkswagen dealership in the region, and EspressoDolce was there to sponsor and serve coffee for our longstanding partner. Over 500 guests showed up to eat barbecue, dance to the music, play beach volleyball, and of course, drink our exclusive coffee created on imported European hardware!

Team EspressoDolce were among the first to arrive and set up. Our fearless barista Cindy prepares her machine for the daunting task of serving hordes of event-goers free coffee. For anyone curious, she’s working on the Rocket R58 Dual Boiler Espresso Machine, a substantial piece of polished stainless steel combined with industry-best internals.

Our gleaming row of demonstration machines attracted a lot of attention from those attending the event. Starting from the foreground you can see a top of the line DeLonghi PrimaDonna Exclusive ESAM 6900.M. This machine is one of the only consumer super automatic espresso machines that supports a fully integrated natural chocolate carafe and mixer, letting you create perfect mochaccinos and cioccolatas. Next to it, with a red Rhinowares Knockbox on top of it, is the Quick Mill Vetrano 2B Evo 0995 with Double Boiler. Another rugged and robust unit like the Rocket R58, the Vetrano’s double boilers, PID temperature controls, and LED shot timer display lets you consistently pull quality coffees. Lastly is the Gaggia Accademia, the latest word in super automatics from Gaggia of Italy. With a sealed, removable milk container and bright, classic display this machine brings all the “automatic” without compromising on any of the “super”.

The first thing you see upon entering the Volkswagen location is just how open-ended and airy the design is. Soaring ceilings and large windows dominate the new dealerships space. Here you can see the many chairs and sofas available for prospective clients to relax in. Lastly, do you see that classic green Volkswagen beetle in the background? That’s the famous Zwitter Beetle, one of the first Beetles imported and sold into Canada in 1952, on loan from a private collector.

Here we see EspressoDolce barista Cindy working hard behind the Rocket R58 to satisfy the many event-goers lined up to savour some of that EspressoDolce coffee. Behind her, you can see the Carimali Blue Dot Fully Automatic Commercial Coffee System imported from Italy. This is Volkswagen’s daily driver for coffee, provided by EspressoDolce on contract. The unit supports fresh milk via a tube into a Vitrifrigo FG10i Milk fridge on the machine’s left hand side, and Volkswagen employees and visitors can enjoy sparkling clean, cold or hot filtered water provided by the Ruhens WHP-340S Countertop Water Filtration System on the machine’s right hand side.

Detailed photo of the Rocket R58 at work.

Custom latté art being created before your very eyes!

Lastly, the action wasn’t limited to the indoors, as Volkswagen created a sprawling outdoor beach volleyball court for everyone who wanted to play. The court was popular with everyone, players and spectators both, and was busy until well after sunset. All of those people played volleyball harder, and enjoyed watching it more, due to the fine coffee they had drank earlier.

All in all the event was an enormous success, with people enjoying the food, music, activities, and especially the coffee! We congratulate OpenRoad Volkswagen on a throwing a lovely event that we were proud to participate in.

Espresso Dolce