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EspressoDolce was honoured to be part of the OpenRoad Group’s Audi Dealership Grand Opening this last Thursday, June 23 2016.

As longstanding partners we were pleased to sponsor the coffee service for the OpenRoad Group at the exciting opening of their latest location, the Audi dealership on Boundary Road. Hundreds of guests attended the event and queued up for refreshing, hand-dispensed coffee served from EspressoDolce staff using our exclusive, top line Italian imported equipment.

The stars of our lineup were the Rocket R58 Dual Boiler (seen below on the left) and the ECM Elektronika II Profi (on the right).

Also pictured is our all-star lineup of baristas for the evening, Kayleen and Cindy, preparing for a busy evening serving our deluxe, roasted in Vancouver, medium roast Espresso Dolce brand coffee.

Our area received a lot of interest early on, with people lining up for coffee before the events were even officially underway!

Some latte art from one of our dedicated baristas. While much of the technique for latte art comes from the barista themselves, it’s also useful to have a powerful and consistent steam wand that can create excellent microfoam like the ones found on the Rocket and ECM machines.

The event started filling up quickly, with delicious hors d’oeuvres circulating on trays.

Here’s a side profile of the Rocket R58 in between drinks. Note the rugged yet utilitarian group head and lever constructions.

After all the food was eaten, the lineup for coffee began! The traffic was strong and consistent, with both of our baristas serving espressos, lattes, and cappuccinos as quickly as possible to the Audi event goers.

The EspressoDolce minister of smooth Harry Al Dulaimi (back) closing a high-powered coffee deal

The team EspressoDolce baristas serving a flood of visitors while suave Chief Espresso Officer Amin Rezine looks on.

During a brief lull, the simple and functional front face of the ECM Elektronika II Profi. Both machines had served up over a 100 drinks by this point, but kept on steaming and dispensing without pause or fault.

Lastly, a selection of latte art prepared by our skilled baristas. These pictures were hard to get, since people were so eager to get their coffee they would often drink them before we could get a photo!

The food, drinks, entertainment and service were all of top quality; thanks again to our all-star barista team for coming out! All in all a very successful evening, and an excellent grand opening for our partners at OpenRoad Audi!

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