Coffee Grinder

If you love coffee then you probably know that grinding your coffee beans right before you brew your coffee is the best- or arguably the only way to experience the coffee’s full flavour aroma and profile. There are many different kinds of coffee bean grinders available for purchase to fit all budgets, needs, wants and preferences. From large electric grinders to portable manual coffee bean grinders, there is a quality coffee bean grinder for everyone.

Electric coffee bean grinders are great for cafes, coffee shops, restaurants, or other busy or commercial settings, such as an office, bed, and breakfast, or any space where many coffee lovers live. If you are on the go or going somewhere where space is tight or electricity is not available such as camping or traveling, then a manual coffee grinder (also called a coffee mill) is the better more flexible option.

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When it comes to selecting the perfect coffee bean grinder, size is important. For traveling, a coffee bean grinder that is light, sleek, and cylindrical is easy to store, pack, and hold. For home, larger sturdier grinders with heavier bases are better suited for more frequent, constant use.

Capacity needs is another important deciding factor. Portable coffee grinders are great for being compact, light, portable, and small. However, this means that there is a limit in the number of coffee beans that you can grind at once. Being realistic with your needs is more important than getting a good deal. If you need to make 5 cups of coffee, getting a coffee bean grinder that grinds enough beans for one or two cups is unrealistic. However, if you are wanting to hand grind coffee for more than 2 or 3 people, you will be getting a great workout.

Handheld coffee bean grinders also need to be built to last. The two main choices of materials are steel and ceramic. Both steel and ceramic have positive and negative attributes. The burrs-the grinding mechanisms need to be sharp and able to last under some stress. Ceramic burrs stay sharper for longer than stainless steel burrs and can reduce the heat that griding the burrs for longer periods can produce. But ceramic burrs are also easily breakable so they are not the best option for travelers. Stainless steel burrs are a better and less expensive option that won’t break the bank or break the coffee bean grinder. They do, however, produce a lot of excess heat. Cast iron burrs last for a long time and reduce heat but they are susceptible to rusting.

Ultimately, the most important thing is to invest in a coffee bean grinder that has a good quality burr. Having high-quality material will always be better than having a cheaper version of something more durable on paper. The grind consistency is depended on the quality of the burr.

Coffee bean grinder