Buying a DeLonghi Coffee Machine Online: What You Need to Know!

Buying anything online can be challenging because without seeing a product in person, it's hard to get a feel for whether it's a good fit. If this is your first time investing in a higher-end coffee machine, the experience can be even more complicated. You will have to navigate not only the various brands of coffee machines available but also the functions and features that are important to you.

If you are new to home coffee brewing, several manufacturers offer good entry-level options. However, DeLonghi in particular has been able to set itself apart from the competition by providing some of the best value for money when it comes to coffee machines. The best news is that buying a DeLonghi coffee machine online doesn't have to be complicated. In fact, with models reaching from entry-level to expert, there is a DeLonghi coffee machine guaranteed to please just about every coffee connoisseur.

If you are in the market for a coffee machine, here are a few tips on making the online shopping experience as smooth as possible. 

Narrow Down Your Options

The first thing you will notice when shopping for DeLonghi coffee machines online is that there are many options. Even under the various series names like the Dinamica or Magnifica, different models could offer unique features.

However, you can easily filter your options by answering a few essential questions, like:

  • What's your coffee machine budget? Don't forget to include a coffee grinder. Not all Delonghi coffee machine models come with an integrated grinder, but it is an essential accessory. If you plan on purchasing a grinder separately, set aside 30%-40% of your overall budget.
  • What type of coffee beverages do you prefer? If you typically drink lattes or cappuccinos, you might want to focus your search on a coffee machine with heat exchangers or dual boilers. These systems can steam milk and pull an espresso shot simultaneously, versus single-boiler coffee machines, which can only perform one function at a time.
  • How many coffees do you need to pour at the same time? If you have multiple morning coffee drinkers or often host guests, it will impact the type/size of the steam boiler you need.
  • Where will your coffee machine live, and what are the dimensions of that area? Do you want your espresso machine plumbed (directly connected to a water source)? The answer to these questions will help you narrow your selection.

 Your Budget

You might have done a double take when we said that up to 40% of your coffee machine budget should be allocated to your coffee bean grinder. However, you cannot brew great coffee without one, and the coffee bean grinder is arguably as important as the coffee machine you choose.

Some DeLonghi coffee machines come with integrated coffee bean grinders, which can be a considerable saving over buying the coffee machine and grinder separately. However, if you want to purchase your coffee bean grinder separately, invest in a burr grinder and not a less expensive blade grinder which typically produces uneven grind and can burn coffee beans.

Your Coffee Preferences

All the DeLonghi coffee machines you see online can pull a perfect espresso shot and steam delicious, frothy milk. However, if milk-based beverages are your go-to, it may be worth investing in a dual-boiler machine designed to craft milk drinks rather than a single-boiler unit better suited to someone who likes their espresso black or Americanos.

Your Usage

If your daily routine generally consists of one coffee at a time, a cost-effective single-boiler or smaller dual-boiler Delonghi coffee machine might make great options. If you consistently pour multiple coffees at once or like to host large gatherings, then you may find you need a coffee machine with a dual-boiler and larger capacity.

Your Kitchen Layout

Before buying a DeLonghi coffee machine online it's crucial to measure the space where it will sit. Grab a tape measure and some painter's tape, if you have any, to outline the area on your counter. And remember to measure the clearance to any upper cabinets. Most coffee machines need space for the water reservoir (if you're not plumbing the machine), and some DeLonghi coffee machines come with an integrated coffee bean grinder or cup warming area, which will need to be accessible.