Grinding Your Coffee and the Best Method to do it!

For most individuals, sipping on a fresh cup of coffee in the morning is an essential ritual. Whether you consume coffee for the taste or the morning kick, making coffee is a comforting way to start your day.

Buying ground coffee beans saves time and energy; however, it takes away from the unique experience of grinding fresh beans. In this article, you will learn various methods of grinding coffee using a coffee grinder to find which style best suits you.

Reasons to grind your coffee!

Brew fresher coffee

When you own a coffee grinder, you can grind the beans just before you brew your coffee. Enthusiasts agree that freshly roasted beans within 4-14 days after roasting will capture the coffee’s peak flavour. This is because grinding beans increase the surface area exposed to air, and the more surface area exposed, the faster the coffee’s flavour degrades. Brewing just after beans are grounded will minimize degradation time.

Better flavour extractions

A quality coffee grinder should be able to grind beans with precision and result in a consistent grind for maximum flavour extraction. When your espresso machine forces water through the ground coffee, the water extracts the flavours and oils from the cup. If the coffee grind is correct for the machine, particles of coffee will have an equivalent size. Hence, the water passes through the water with equal resistance, capturing all the flavours residing in the grounded beans.

A perfect grind each time

Most coffee drinkers know that different types of coffee require beans to be ground to specific levels to optimize their flavours. For example, coarse grinds work well in a percolator, medium and fine grinds are made for drop coffeemakers, and espresso requires an extra fine grind. Matching these settings for your needs can help you extract the best coffee from your beans.

Grind what you need

Investing in a coffee grinder will save you money in the long run by allowing you to grind just the right amount of coffee needed. Some coffee grinders control the coffee dose by timing the grind’s length or weighing how much you need. Having a coffee grinder will give you complete control over the brew.

Pick your type of coffee grinder

Before you get started, you must know the types of coffee grinders you may want to invest in. There are four types of grinders that you can purchase for your home.

-      Blade Grinders

These are the most common type of home coffee grinder that you can find. A simple blade at the bottom of the vessel spins at various speed settings. These grinders are best for coarse to medium grinds because of their limited speed settings and may be inconsistent.

-      Burr grinders

These are the preferred home grinders for enthusiasts. The multi-blade system creates more surfaces for coffee bean crushing, resulting in a more consistent grind.

-    Conical burr grinders

These are professional-grade grinders that you can find at your local café. Their conical shape and multiple speed settings provide accurate grind sizes and textures

-      Hand grinders

This method is excellent for those who want quick, gourmet-quality coffee. Hand grinders used to be the most common method of grinding but have fallen out of place after electric grinders were introduced.

Now that you know why you should grind your coffee and the best grinder to buy for your needs, you can finally enjoy a great cup of coffee or a shot of espresso to start your morning! A quality grinder can brew fresher coffee, get better extraction, have the correct grind for brewing, and minimize coffee waste.