How to Maximize the Lifespan of Your At-home Espresso Machine

Purchasing your first at-home espresso machine is a huge day for coffee lovers. Investing in an espresso machine for your home allows users complete control over the entire brewing process, from bean strength to milk steam that's just right. Forget the trip to your local coffee shop every morning, you can have cafe-quality coffee at home! When you own an espresso machine you can get creative with recipes, try different beans and expand your coffee tastes. A huge benefit of having an espresso machine in Vancouver is that they save you from spending tons of money at expensive boutique coffee shops. If you want to get the most out of your espresso machine, you have to properly maintain it, however, this process is simple and easy to master. High-quality personal espresso machines are made to last anywhere between twelve to fifteen years, but these figures can change drastically depending on how well the machine is maintained and cared for. Looking after your coffee machine will not only increase its longevity but also provide better tasting high-quality coffee for you, your family, and your guests.

Cleaning (daily)

You might look at your new espresso machine and think how is an espresso machine cleaned? These days personal espresso machines are made with all the bells and whistles so you can fully enjoy the benefits of cafe-brewed coffee at home. While they might look like complicated machines, they’re very easy to keep clean. The process of making coffee every day with an espresso machine leaves behind a lot of residues, from coffee bean oils to milk spills. Over time, these buildups can affect the taste of your coffee and cause potential damage to your machine internally; this is why everyday cleaning is important. Wiping down the entire machine (especially the steam wand) after every use is strongly recommended. Clean pumps and valves and flush the group head before making espresso coffee to avoid limescale build-up. Every few days, give attention to the drip tray and dreg drawers. Daily and weekly cleaning will look different depending on the model that you own, some machines have removable parts or extra add-ons. Get to know your machine and set up a cleaning schedule accordingly.

Descaling (monthly)

New espresso machine owner? Familiarize yourself with the descaling process as it will help to maximize the longevity of your machine by a landslide. Modern personal espresso machines will have an automated descaling process built into the hardware system, making cleaning and care easier than ever. Descaling is the process of removing excess mineral build-up that happens with regular everyday use. Neglecting the descaling process can halt clean water flow through your machine and burn out the heating coil (cold coffee when you want hot coffee- no thanks). Reference your espresso machine user guide and follow the descaling process, ideally once a month. There are powders, tablets, and liquids on the market that are used to complete the descaling process- these are inexpensive and come in many different options to suit your machine model. Anywhere you can purchase an espresso machine in Vancouver, you can find a descaler solution.

Replacements and Tune-ups (yearly)

To maximize the lifespan of your espresso machine, preventative maintenance is key. Depending on your machine, some small parts need to be replaced yearly, such as waste pipes or hot water valves. The money put into small replacements and tune-ups throughout the year will save you from having to purchase a whole new machine down the road if it breaks down on you. If you own an espresso machine in Vancouver, make sure you have a reliable service center you can visit for yearly replacements and maintenance.