Where Can You Find the World’s Best Coffee?

The latest figures show that “4.9 million 60-kilogram bags of coffee are expected to be consumed in Canada in the 12-month marketing year ending on October 2020.” In addition to the many health benefits of coffee, so many individuals consume the beverage each day due to its incredible flavor profile. In order to find the varietals that taste the best, you must first explore the characteristics of some of the top growing regions. Learn more about where to find the world’s highest quality beans to help make your coffee and espresso taste their best.

Beans from Ethiopia

To find some of the globe’s most exceptional coffee beans, look no further than the spot in which coffee is believed to have originated: Ethiopia. Although the timing varies depending on the source, most experts agree that the history of coffee dates back to this country in the 9th century. It is thought that the Arabica coffee bean was the first to be grown and turned into drinkable coffee. Since that time, Ethiopia has become a world leader in coffee production. Not only does it produce high quantities, but it also grows some of the best quality beans that can be found anywhere. Overall, coffee from the region has floral and bright fruit notes, with higher acidity. One of the most popular types of coffee from the country is Ethiopian Yirgacheffe (which refers to the Yirgacheffe region in which the beans are grown).

Beans from Brazil

As the world’s top grower of coffee beans, Brazil produces 5,714,381,000 pounds of coffee beans each year. These beans are used to create everything from instant coffee to some of the most top-tier quality selections available. The two most common types of beans grown within the country are Arabica and robusta. Throughout Brazil, there are 14 unique regions where coffee is produced. The highest quality beans from the country yield coffee that is low in acidity and that has roasted, nutty, and sometimes chocolate notes. In addition to the amazing flavor profile, you can also find a significant amount of coffee that is fair trade. This means that workers who are involved with the coffee growing and production process are guaranteed to be paid fair wages for their labor.

Beans from Colombia

Coffee that is produced from beans grown in Colombia yields soft tasting notes, with low acidity and lower caffeine content. Because of the incredible balance that the beans have, many industry experts regard Colombian coffee as the best in the world. It comes as no surprise, then, that the latest figures show that the country produces a whopping 11.5 million bags of beans each year. For fans of Arabica coffee, Colombia is said to produce some of the world’s best of this variety. Also, beans from the country make some of the most outstanding espressos because of their unique flavor profile.

Whether you prefer visiting your local coffee shop or making your coffee at home, be sure to look for the regions listed above. Aside from selecting beans from a region that matches your individual tastes, purchase your beans from sellers that offer freshly roasted selections (rather than ones that have sat on a shelf for months).