Organic Ethiopia Coffee Beans 2lb

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Our Locally roasted and organic Ethiopian Beans- straight from Ethiopia. Distinct and elegant flavours , with floral, herbal and delicate citrus notes.  Medium-Dark roast perfect for any Coffee lover.

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Anthony W.
Best for pour-over

When one finds a appreciable coffee, should one write an honest positive review, or tell everyone to stay away so as to keep it for oneself? Today I'll choose the former. I've tried most of Espresso Dolce's single-source coffees, and Ethiopia is absolutely my favorite. I'm giving up trying more varieties until this one is used up.
I'm brewing 30g coffee / 500g water using a stainless steel conical pour-over, and I always drink (good) coffee black.

Eric Konigsmann

Excellent beans. Will buy more.

Christopher Murrey
Ehtiopia Coffee Beans

My staff member has already been brewing these beans and said it is delicious! I have not opened my bag yet as I was finishing up the rest of my other beans. I am eager to grind some of these up real soon!

Rachel McCallum

Perhaps my ratio of water to beans is not correct, but my husband, who drinks his coffee without any additions, finds the coffee bitter. I have also purchased the Peruvian beans and will give them a try soon. I’ll be back to try another bean type as I find your staff/service exceptional! Thank you.

Omar Elka
wonderful beans, but over-roasted

this would get a 5 if the roast was closer to medium. currently burnt notes overpower subtle citrus notes.

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