Elektra Micro Casa A Leva - Copper & Brass (last one)

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Elegant Design

The Elektra Micro Casa looks good on your countertop with a polished copper and brass exterior, wooden handles, large round base with a 10” diameter for stability, and the brass eagle on top.

Water Level Sight Glass

Easily determine when your espresso machine needs to be refilled.

Steam Pressure Gauge

When the needle on this gauge is in the green zone, the machine has enough steam pressure to brew the perfect espresso. Optimum pressure is between 0.8 and 1.3 BAR.

Spring Piston Operation

The brass piston makes this espresso machine different from other espresso machines that use a less durable plastic piston. Just pull down on the lever to activate the piston and fill your cup with espresso. Want a double? No problem; just do it twice.

Not Much Assembly Required

Just attach the steam wand.

Boiler Pressure Relief Valve

This safety feature on top of the boiler keeps the steam pressure from climbing too high and damaging your machine.

Durable Brass Boiler

The boiler is designed to create the perfect steam for making foam without adding a lot of water.

800-Watt Heating Element

The armour-plated heating element is powerful enough to create generous amounts of steam.

Internal Pressure Regulator

This part regulates the temperature.

Built-In Safety Thermostat

The safety thermostat helps prevent meltdown if the machine is left on after you finish making espresso and runs out of water. However, the heating element can still be damaged if left without water to heat for too long.


Place of Manufacture

Treviso, Italy


19" x 10" x 10" (49cm x 26cm x 26cm)


110V, 60Hz, 15 Amp

Boiler Capacity

About 1.8 Liters (61 ounces)



Filter Basket Size

49-50 mm

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