Quick Mill MODEL “PIPPA”

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  • Body in stainless steel 304, super mirror
  • Semi-professional group
  • Coffee thermostat
  • Steam thermostat
  • Safety thermostat
  • Lever switch 1-0-2, to protect the heater
  • External valve for the adjustment of the brew pressure ( look at picture number 3)
  • No burn steam/water wand In stainless steel
  • ULKA pump with klaxon
  • 16 bar gauge
  • 1,8 Lts. Water tank
  • Boiler 0,45 L
  • Heater 1000 wat
  • Weight: 11,5 Kg

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Customer Reviews

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The water overflows on the portafilter basket this is after using it for 2 months. Not sure if that’s a defect of the machine as this never happened in my lower end espresso maker

A fine mid-level machine

Replacing a Rancilio Silvia, this machine is all I expected. Its coffee isn't q-u-i-t-e as good or consistent as an E61 machine I tried temporarily, but that was twice the price. And when I remember to pre-infuse, the coffee is perfect. I like the pressure gauge and that I can get 9-10 bar, and I like the high quality finish on edges, the baskets, the portafilter. I like that I can see the reservoir's level without opening anything. I like the large cup warmer real estate, although why can't the rail be back another inch? I commend and thank EspressDolce Vancouver for the recommendation. There's only one real issue, and it's not major: the drip tray grate is not big enough!: the steam wand can't easily be directed onto it, and water coming out of the head doesn't all go into the drip tray. It hits the un-perforated part of the grate and goes on the counter. I could maybe wish for a bigger boiler too--the light comes on halfway thru a pull, so I know my temperature is not rock solid and my coffee seems to get cold quite fast--like now, writing this review!--but OTOH, the machine gets to temperature faster. A minor issue would be to offset the main power switch, so that only the pull, water and steam operating switches are in an ergonomic row for less technical operators.