Our Favorite Coffee Bloggers

My earliest memories are living in a tiny town and every Sunday it seemed like the whole town would get together at Tim Horton’s for a “coffee”. If it wasn’t Tim Horton’s then it was all my uncles and aunts getting together at my Grandma’s house. The first thing Grandma would and still does is head to that old coffee brewer and make a pot of coffee. To me coffee seemed to be what brought people together. It was an excuse to connect. To this day it would seem weird to me if someone invited me over just to talk. But a simple invitation to go out for coffee is so normal. Of course were not getting together just to try a beverage it’s to connect with one another. What I absolutely love about coffee isn’t the addictive substance in itself, but rather the culture and community that’s formed around it. That being said until working at Starbucks and now Espresso Dolce I wasn’t introduced to the massive, trendy, cult like culture that coffee has. So I’ve been doing some research and looking for blogs, vlogs, and just influential people in the coffee space to help me get up to speed with what’s going on in the coffee world.
I want to share with you a few blogs, and vlogs who I’ve really enjoyed so far.

1. Real Chris Baca

Chris Baca is a cafe owner, skater, and coffee lover. He seems really down to earth and has videos that just feel watchable. He does lifestyle videos and coffee videos. Stuff like machine reviews, how to’s, and just other coffee based videos. If the skater vibe isn’t your thing don’t let it turn you off because his coffee videos are very informational.https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvHTmlCbEhgDvC5VdpVAG2A/videos

2. Dear Coffee I Love You

Dear Coffee I love You is one of the first blogs I came across. Creating posts on coffee product designs, coffee events, and more. I’ve found this is a great blog to keep me up to date on the new things going on in the industry.http://www.dearcoffeeiloveyou.com/

3. Manual Coffee Brewing

Since I work for a store that sells espresso machines I might get in trouble for sharing this one. This is a really great blog by an enthusiast who loves manual brewing methods at home. He has really great tips for methods like pour overs, french press, etc. Even providing new methods and products that allow you to brew manually in your home.http://www.manualcoffeebrewing.com/

4. Sprudge

The Sprudge is the industry leader in the coffee blog space. They cover almost everything going on in the coffee world and should be a staple in your weekly readings. Sprudge writes the most unique coffee based articles I have seen yet. https://sprudge.com/

I hope you enjoyed these recommendations. I also should mention I am keeping the Espresso Dolce blog and instagram active from here on out. Follow us on instagram @weareespressodolce. https://www.instagram.com/weareespressodolce/