How to Replicate Expensive Coffees from Affordable Coffee Pods

Did you know that there is so much more you can do with affordable coffee pods than simply adding cream and sugar?

If you don’t have access to an expensive coffee maker, or if you’re trying to reduce your plastic cup consumption at your local café, you can still enjoy a delicious, popular beverage at home using affordable coffee pods.

Whether you like your coffee strong or on the weaker side, sweet or creamy, there are so many options to choose from. So, keep reading for a list of just a few suggestions.

  1. Americano

To make this classic drink, all you need is a heat-resistant mug or cup and some filtered hot water.

The Americano is sometimes also referred to as a ‘long black’. It may have been dubbed ‘the Americano’ in either Latin America or Italy. The most commonly heard theory of its origins is that it was first created during WWII when American troops were stationed in Italy. The Italian espresso served to them was too strong for their taste, so soldiers would dilute it to make it taste more like the coffee they were used to.

To recreate it, brew coffee from one or two coffee pods (depending on how strong you like your coffee) and add around 6 ounces of hot water. That’s it! You can add extra shots if you want to, or ice if you prefer an iced Americano.

A coffee pod with a bolder taste would be a good choice for an Americano.

  1. Latte

To make a latte from coffee pods, you will be a heat-resistant cup, mug, or glass, hot milk, milk foam, and a spoon for serving.

Like the Americano, there are a few stories as to the origin of this drink. In the 1700s, the latte was a popular drink amongst the Italians and Austrians during breakfast and was often served in coffeehouses.

Begin by brewing 1 or 2 espresso shots. Again, the strength of this drink is your personal preference. Fill the cup with hot milk that’s been heated in the microwave instead of hot water to the cup and top it with some milk foam with your spoon.

To froth milk without a milk frother, you can whip hot milk with a whisk or shake it in a protein shaker. Handheld milk frothers are fairly inexpensive and can even be found in some grocery stores.

  1. Cappuccino

Although many people assume this is the classic Italian coffee drink, it was first created in Vienna, where it was called kapuziner.

To make this sweeter version of a latte, you’re going, to begin with, the same ingredients that you used to make a latte. You can experiment a bit with the cappuccino to find your preferred taste. Some prefer an even espresso to milk to foam ratio, while others like it stronger by adding more espresso or creamier with more milk. The beauty of making your coffee at home is that you can play around with recipes to find what you like best.

Add as many shots of espresso to your cup as you like, then add the steamed milk. Like with the latte, spoon your milk foam to cover the entire top of the drink. Sprinkle some chocolate powder, cinnamon, or Chai spice blend on top.

  1. Espresso

The most well-known coffee drink of all, the espresso can be easily recreated at home by simply adding a shot or two of espresso into a small, pre-heated cup or mug. This is an important step as it keeps the espresso just as hot when it’s poured into the cup.