Treat Your Employees with an Office Espresso Machine

The idea that the coffee at the office or any other workplace is so bad it is undrinkable is a cliché. It is absolutely true that for some workplaces, it has become a common unspoken truth; get your coffee before you come to work. But fixing bad workplace coffee is easy – get an office espresso machine.

If that sounds like a lot of time, maintenance, and training for staff who do not know how to use an espresso machine, don’t worry. While bringing in a huge, expensive machine that has a learning curve is not a good idea and probably won’t contribute anything positive to the working environment, the office espresso machine does not have to be a traditional one.

Buying a commercial office espresso machine can be expensive. Many companies will allow you to lease a machine, which is a more attractive option for offices, as you have more flexibility if it does not work out, or if you want to change the machine.

The right office espresso machine for your business is the one that will work well, give all of your employees and customers a good cup of coffee, and one that is easy to clean at the end of the day. Most companies who lease office espresso machines will also be able to do maintenance and cleaning when required, meaning that a quick end-of-day cleanup to ensure that used grounds and dried milk do not clog the machine or grow mold is enough.

Pod coffee machines, such as a Keurig or a Nespresso, single-serve machines, partially or fully automated espresso machines, and drip coffee machines are all options for your new office coffee maker.

For an office, the best machine is probably a single-serve machine that is fully automated, if you want more options than just black coffee or coffee with cream or milk. A fully automated office espresso machine can make espresso, Americanos, and more elaborate coffee beverages such as lattes and cappuccinos with the push of a single button. These machines grind the beans, pull the espresso shots, and froth the milk, making for an easy and quick latte or cappuccino that is faster than walking to the coffee shop on the corner.

If your employees drink a lot of coffee, and it is something that you would like to have available for your clients and customers, single-serve machines are also ideal, as they prevent the waste of making a large pot and having the majority sit there for hours. You will save money long-term in beans, water, and energy by only using what you need.

Fresh coffee also tastes better than stale coffee that has been sitting in a pot for who knows how long. If waste is a concern, there are many companies that make single-serve coffee pods for pod coffee machines that are in bio-degradable containers which can be placed in the compost.

Using a company that leases office coffee machines can be a one-stop shop, as they can provide you with maintenance, repairs as needed, and coffee beans. You don’t have to worry about filing orders, except buying milk as needed. These machines can make more than just coffee, and can also brew tea and make other popular beverages, such as chai lattes, hot chocolate, and mochas.

Having a quality office coffee machine not only saves you and your employees money and time on coffee runs, but it can be a pleasant perk to offer your customers and clients. Coffee is important for many people, not just in the morning, but throughout the day, and providing good quality coffee that is also fast, and readily available is a great way to add some warmth and positivity to a work environment.

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