What Does it Mean For Your Coffee to be Certified? Should You Care?

Now a days coffee certifications are everywhere. As we progress as a society we all have started to become conscious about where our food comes from, how it was produced, and how those workers were treated in the process. Transparency has now become a crucial trait consumers look to before supporting a brand. What are these coffee certificates? Should you be looking for these certificates before purchasing your next bag of coffee? It is important to remember that because a brand doesn’t display a certificate on their bag, it doesn’t always mean they are unethical in their practices. Although, a certified bag of coffee can be a fantastic piece of mind for the ethical minded consumer. It is important for you to understand what these numerous certificates displayed actually mean. Check out the graphics below to further understand these certificates. Thanks to Quill.com for the infographics. Click here for more information on the subject by Quill.

Coffee label terms