Yes, You Need a Coffee Grinder, and Here’s Why!

You might think you have your morning coffee routine down pat. Nonetheless, if you don’t have your coffee grinder you might be missing out on a serious upgrade to your daily cup of joe. At-home coffee grinders are essential for a fresh, better-brewed drink. These little yet mighty machines will give you barista-quality coffee in the comfort of your own home. Buying a coffee grinder online is easier than ever with so many options to choose from. On our site, you can read reviews, get detailed product information, and have products shipped right to your door. Buying ground coffee beans does have its benefits- it’s cheap and efficient, but you’re losing out on the quality and taste that grinders offer. Nowadays, at-home coffee grinders range in price and there is usually something out there for everyone. Modern grinders are designed to fit in any size home, making it an easy appliance to keep clean and tuck away. If you’re still not convinced, here are three reasons why you need a coffee grinder.

Freshness and taste

When it comes to coffee grinding, consistency is key! At-home coffee grinding devices work to prevent grinds from clumping together, resulting in a smooth and consistent texture and taste. Grinding as your brew is the best way to preserve the freshness and taste of coffee beans. When you buy ground coffee, it might taste fresh and rich at first and then start to decline in flavor. This is because the oils in beans that create that coffee flavor have been released and diluted. Grinding your beans immediately before pouring a cup of coffee maintains that concentration of oils, accounting for the taste. Cheaper, pre-ground coffee may contain fillers and additives that can negatively affect the taste of coffee. On top of that, each time you open up a bag of grounds to make coffee you are releasing all of that goodness and taking away from the flavour and freshness.

Refine your brewing skills

One of the best features of at-home coffee grinders is the freedom to customize your grind. Get creative with different settings, from fine to coarse, and so on. If you make one cup that is not up to snuff, you can adjust your device in different ways until you find the perfect style. You can fine-tune the grind and texture any way you like. Owning your coffee grinder can open up a whole new world of brewing tastes and skills, you will start to enjoy your daily cup of coffee even more (yes this is possible).

Save money

Pre-ground coffee might look appealing on the shelf because it boasts to be instant and inexpensive, however, grinding your coffee can save you money in the long run. If you decide you want to buy a coffee grinder online, you may have better luck with discounts and clearances than in-store. Coffee grinders come in different shapes, sizes, and prices. However, once you have bought it, it's yours. Instead of throwing away pre-ground coffee that has gone stale, buy coffee beans in bulk. These will stay fresher longer and are just as readily available for purchase as grounds.

Before you buy a coffee grinder online, it's best to do some digging into the model that will best fit you and your coffee needs. There are four different types of at-home coffee grinders on the market: blade grinders, hand grinders, burr grinders, and conical burr grinders. Grinders also range in price- manual grinders are generally more inexpensive. To find out more about the grinders we offer and their different uses, click here.